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Revolut launches in the US!

October 20, 2020

Revolut one of our all time favourite digital banks, launched in the land of the free, the US, yesterday. Since launching in the UK in 2015 Revolut has grown and evolved and now has 10M active users of it’s superb digital banking offering. 

Finally the US can too enjoy the benefits of Revolut banking, and as the banking offerings in America aren’t exactly highly sophisticated we can ensure you that US customers of Revolut will be warmly welcomed and enjoy Revolut US.  

Our readers will note that this is the first major European Digital Bank to enter the US market, so we wish them all the very best.

With a US Revolut account will be able to:-

Spend money and send it overseas

When spending locally you spend in USD and then when you are either buying abroad or travelling you’ll be able to take advantage of the real exchange rate and save greatly on transaction costs. Read more about their money transfers here.

Request and send money to friends

If you and your buddies in the US and aboard both have a US Revolut account, you can instantly send, receive and request money from each other in real time and for free. Not bad eh? 

Currency exchange, hold multiple currencies

US customers can hold up to 28 different currencies on the app at all times and seamlessly exchange from one to the other as you wish. 

Receive your pay in advance

Need your salary faster, no problem. Revolut will enable you to get your salary up to two days in advance via direct deposit at no extra charge. 

FDIC deposit insured

All deposits up to 250,000 are insured by FDIC, so you need not worry, your money is in safe hands.

Real-time spending notifications

You will be notified in real time with each transaction you make in person or online and each time you receive a payment. 

Budgeting & Spending Analytics

Revolut has built in budgeting and spending analytics so you have full control of your money and can track what and how often you are spending.

Disposable virtual cards for free

A brilliant feature of Revolut is their disposable virtual cards ,which (as the name implies) are a one off card that is destroyed after use and a new one generated. This feature will give you peace of mind and top security online.

Final thoughts

So for all of you readers in the US, right now you can head on over to Revolut and download their android or iOS apps on your smart phone and get yourself a Revolut US account today free of charge. They are offering their standard free and premium plans currently and plan to roll out more features as the year goes by.

For a more in-depth look at Revolut, please take a look at our earlier Revolut Review.

We greatly look forward to tracking how Revolut is received in the US, no doubt very well!


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